About Me

Improve communication, strengthen relationships, enhance your sex life,
make better choices, live the life you want.

Christine Priestly, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Sex and Relationships Counsellor in Byron Bay

Hello! I'm Christine

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Sex and Relationships Counsellor

My priority is helping you make positive changes that last. I hold a safe space for you to explore your blocks and challenges in a new way, while providing practical advice and solutions to move beyond them.

You will feel supported when connecting with your innermost self as we uncover why you have been stuck in the same old patterns.

When you recognise that you are 'stuck', and are ready and willing to examine what has been holding you back, you can comfortably trust in the process and my ability to support you through positive change.

You will leave with the tools to move beyond your blocks and reach your full potential so you can be free to achieve your goals.


My Approach & Values

My goal is to help you let go of old habits and negative thought patterns. I help you explore your blocks and challenges through gentle guidance and questioning. I safely support you to identify and deconstruct what has been holding you in old patterns.

With expertise in relationships, sexology, and emotional health, I draw upon a range of tools including Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Parts therapy, Coaching and Counselling to empower you to shift old beliefs and find strategies for lasting change.

Together we will uncover specific goals, responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings. We will resolve the root cause of what has been holding you back, so you can live the life you want.

My Experience

  • Sexology and Sexual Health
  • Counselling and Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Parts Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • Resolving Past Trauma
  • Process-oriented Hypnosis (under Michael D. Yapko, PhD).

My Qualifications

  • Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual Health Counselling)
  • Cert IV Clinical Hypnotherapy, Academy of Hypnotic Science
  • Master of Arts, Deakin University
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Levels 1 & 2)
  • Certificate of Applied Psychotherapy (Human Givens)
  • Professional Supervision (Clinical)
  • SAS Accredited Provisional Psychosexual Therapist
  • Sexual Freedom Hypnosis
Gottman Approved Member
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Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (AACHP)
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I Work With Individuals, Couples & Groups

Individual Therapy - Hypnotherapy and Sex & Relationships Counselling, Byron Bay

Individual Therapy

Be empowered to shift old beliefs, let go of negative thought patterns, and find strategies for lasting change.

Couples Therapy, Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Proven methods to help you reconnect, manage conflict and improve communication. 

Coaching and Workshops

Clinical Supervision

A nurturing space for you to get the professional, ethical and sound support you need to be the best therapist you can be.

"...I’m totally thrilled that Christine was able to solve my issue so quickly and easily. If I’d known it was so effective I would have done it years ago."

Kelly Richter, Kilmore

"I absolutely loved Christine’s approach to hypnotherapy. She is professional, insightful and has a talent in drawing out your motivations in order to create a session that is completely unique to you..."

Emma Burrows, Melbourne

"...Christine’s sessions have helped me an incredibly positive way. Her soothing and relaxing voice made me feel at ease and I felt that I could trust her one hundred percent..."

Samantha Starling, Byron Bay

"...Christine was really caring and diligent... I found her to be really open and easy to talk to. With careful questioning, she was able to get right to the heart of my issue..."

Gail Rodriguez, Melbourne

"…I have now been smoke-free for almost three months. I even tried a puff the other day, just to see, and couldn’t finish it. It tasted disgusting. The best part is how easy it’s been. I’m surfing again, focusing on my fitness and feeling great!"

William Drew, Byron Bay

"...It wasn’t long after our session began, even before we started with the actual hypnotherapy, that I could see myself making a change....I’ve continued to stick to the plan we set out together for about 3 months now, and am seeing great improvements in my fitness. Success!"

Neil Fahey, Brunswick