Coaching and Workshops

Private coaching and workshops in emotional wellbeing, effective communication & mindfulness meditation.

Coaching for individuals or groups

For Individuals

Work at your own pace, clear your blocks, set realistic and achievable (‘SMART’) goals, keep focused and motivated, be empowered to reach your potential.

Groups and Workshops

Education and training tailored to your needs, from reducing stress and building emotional resilience, to learning to communicate and manage conflict more effectively. 

My specialities

Emotional wellbeing

Effective communication

Mindfulness & meditation

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop for Women

Online workshop

Do you long to feel sexy again? To feel empowered? To love yourself, appreciate your body, feel confident and assertive in your own skin? Join the online journey to walk away from who you SHOULD be to discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

An empowering life-changing journey through the female psyche that will transform you from the inside out. Offering scientifically proven techniques to help you break away from negative patterns and truly shine in your own beautiful uniqueness.

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