Increase Motivation and Build Confidence

Uncover your blocks, stop procrastinating, set manageable and realistic goals, stay focused and motivated, have the confidence to get moving

How I help you

Uncover your blocks and stop procrastinating

Set manageable and realistic goals

Build confidence, stay focused, positive and motivated

Do you lack motivation?

  • Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in one or more aspects of your life?
  • Do you feel like you just can’t get motivated?
  • Are you struggling to see the wood for the trees?
  • Do you find it difficult to stay focused?
  • Are you prone to giving up before you have really begun?
  • Do you put things off because they seem too difficult?

Many people struggle with procrastination. They see all the reasons why they can’t, instead of how they can. They put things off, or find ways to avoid doing what they want or know they should.

Do you lack confidence?

  • Do you shy away from taking action because you don’t feel you have enough confidence?
  • Are you caught up in negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs?
  • Do you feel helpless, hopeless or overwhelmed?
  • Do you say, ‘I could do this if only I had more…’ or,
  • ‘I can’t do this because of…’?

If this sounds like you, if you’re tired of feeling tired, of making excuses, and want to make lasting change, I can help.

How I help you build confidence and increase motivation

Using a goal-oriented approach, we will identify unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and get you where you want to be. Together we will tap into your core strengths, shift your underlying beliefs and assumptions, and refocus your attention on success. I will support you through the process and work with you to make changes that last.

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Get motivated, learn relaxation techniques, make better choices, improve relationships, live the life you want.


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"...I’m totally thrilled that Christine was able to solve my issue so quickly and easily. If I’d known it was so effective I would have done it years ago."

Kelly Richter, Kilmore

"I absolutely loved Christine’s approach to hypnotherapy. She is professional, insightful and has a talent in drawing out your motivations in order to create a session that is completely unique to you..."

Emma Burrows, Melbourne

"...Christine’s sessions have helped me an incredibly positive way. Her soothing and relaxing voice made me feel at ease and I felt that I could trust her one hundred percent..."

Samantha Starling, Byron Bay

"...Christine was really caring and diligent... I found her to be really open and easy to talk to. With careful questioning, she was able to get right to the heart of my issue..."

Gail Rodriguez, Melbourne

"…I have now been smoke-free for almost three months. I even tried a puff the other day, just to see, and couldn’t finish it. It tasted disgusting. The best part is how easy it’s been. I’m surfing again, focusing on my fitness and feeling great!"

William Drew, Byron Bay

"...It wasn’t long after our session began, even before we started with the actual hypnotherapy, that I could see myself making a change....I’ve continued to stick to the plan we set out together for about 3 months now, and am seeing great improvements in my fitness. Success!"

Neil Fahey, Brunswick