Lose Weight

Weight loss that lasts


  • Lose weightAre you tired of trying to lose weight?
  • Sick of using one approach after another, but nothing seems to stick?
  • Do you want to be healthier, fitter, to look and feel great?

Many approaches to weight loss focus on the wrong things. They fail to take into account that eating is social and reduce food to portions of protein, fat and carbohydrate, rather than one of life’s pleasures. They make exercise seem a chore, incorporating activities that people don’t enjoy and aren’t sustainable.

For many:

  • Weight loss becomes all or nothing
  • Food becomes good or bad
  • Exercise becomes hard work.

People fight against nature and ‘fail’, and then beat themselves up for their perceived ‘failure’, which makes losing weight even harder.

Say goodbye to diets!

Diets offer a short-term fix to a long-term problem. They centre on restricting what you eat, rather than taking a holistic view of your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. To make sustained change, you need to make the right choices and continue to make those choices in a range of situations. That means understanding and addressing the reasons why you make those choices in the first place.

Research has shown that by restricting what you eat, by fighting against the role that food takes in life, and by beating yourself up, you make blowouts inevitable. That’s why so many people struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Instead, you need to be kind to yourself and focus on the right things.

Exercise: what’s in a name?

Part of sustained weight loss involves being active, but most of us lead sedentary lives. Much of our employment offers little opportunity to move. Desk jobs in particular are extremely bad for our health. Then we spend our downtime in front of the TV or computer. To burn calories we have to make a dedicated effort to ‘exercise’. Exercise becomes a chore, something we have to think about, forcing a trip to the gym or out for a run.

Many people start an exercise program and go at it hard for a time. Before long, they run out of steam or something disrupts their momentum. As with all-or-nothing dieting, one hiccup can derail the entire program, and we struggle to get started again.

Making sustained change is about understanding what motivates you, finding ways to incorporate more activity (rather than ‘exercise’) into your every day, and choosing to expend your energy on things that you enjoy.

What motivates you?

Lose weight

People want to lose weight for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you want to be healthier, to feel lighter and fitter, maybe you want to wear that little black dress on your next birthday, and maybe you want to see yourself differently. Perhaps you’re sick of feeling out of control, or exhausted from trying without long-term success.

Similarly, people struggle to lose weight and keep it off for many different reasons. Maybe you struggle to be active because it feels uncomfortable and is not something you enjoy. Maybe you eat when you are bored, stressed or emotional. Maybe you can no longer hear the signals your body sends that tell you when you are hungry and when you are full. Maybe you eat mindlessly, in between meetings or picking up the kids, and forget to slow down and truly enjoy the food you eat. Maybe you eat to fill a hunger that isn’t hunger for food at all.

Many people struggle to maintain their ideal healthy weight. They have tried repeatedly without long-term success. Starting and sustaining a lifestyle change such as weight loss can feel daunting, especially after you have tried and failed. That’s where I can help.

How I help you lose weight

Together we will identify and address your underlying blocks to losing weight.

We will tap into your core strengths, shift your underlying beliefs and assumptions (for instance, that you ‘can’t’ lose weight, that change will be ‘hard’, that you just need more ‘will-power’), and refocus your attention on success.

  • Learn to listen to your body again
  • Use each of your five senses to experience your food fully
  • Feed your head-hunger in healthier ways
  • Get active in ways you actually enjoy
  • Form new habits you can realistically incorporate into your life, whether you are at home, work, on the move, or out with friends
  • Stop beating yourself up and reach your goal without missing out on the things you love.

I will guide and support you through the process and help you find strategies for lasting change. Using a holistic approach that incorporates hypnosis and mindfulness, you will create new habits that focus on the right things.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a highly focused state in which people show greater responsiveness to suggestion. Using hypnotherapy we can target your underlying blocks to losing weight, and help you make changes naturally, safely, without the need for pills, shakes, or diets.

What are you waiting for?

As others have found, once you address your underlying needs, change is easy. So what are you waiting for? Start your change today! Call 0405 220 658 to make an appointment. Sessions are available in Byron Bay, Melbourne and via Skype/Facetime.